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Originally Posted by ty50 View Post
ive been out of town and had to let this stuff go till now but im resuming my quest.

what did Voltiguer mean?

anyway, ur obviously knowledgeable and seemingly generous with info.

I'll try not to be redundant with questions as I value ur imput as well as everyones.

for now I'm in good shape but may have some more questions in near future. thanx.

oh, is a simple upgrade to the sw8 subs alone enough to make some difference? I figured I'd start there if so.
As found out here... ... just swapping the Premium underseat woofers with SWS-8 cannot be safely done as the OEM impedance is 7 ohms and the SWS-8 are 4 ohms. So swapping those woofers will cause the OEM amp to eventually overheat if high volume/punding bass is sustained for a considerable time, which could cause internal damage to the amp.

What can be done is to add a separate amp to the SWS-8 once swapped, that way the OEM amp will not be abused and the bass improvement will be remarkable.