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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Gerd was my SA the one time I went there. He was very friendly to me. But they charged me $325 for a scheduled service (oil change, cabin filter) on my E46 M3. I was not happy about that. I have the receipts somewhere if anyone doubts it. Now that I have a new M3 the service is free. But I have a long memory, especially when it comes to when I've been ripped off.
If they did a cabin filter change, then they did a Service I. I don't know if you asked for that or not, but that's probably what you got, and $325 is a pretty good price for it. They ALL do this play on words where they'll quote you an "Oil Service" which is around $200, but an "Oil Change" is around $100.

As for the dealers, Santa Monica is pretty much known as a TERRIBLE place to buy and especially for service. Irvine also gets some bad remarks.

McKenna is just TERRIBLE! No loaner/rental even if you bought the car there. The Enterprise charges almost $50 for a sh!t car for a day.

I've had good luck with Crevier, but obviously other's haven't. Long Beach is fine too, but they tend to charge a lot, like 2 hours for an alarm install, whent the BMW instructions recommend 1.5 hrs for install and programing.

I also had good luck with Beverly Hills when I had an older M3.
Let me get this straight... You are swapping out parts designed by some of the top engineers in the world because some guys sponsored by a company told you it's "better??" But when you ask the same guy about tracking, "oh no, I have a kid now" or "I just detailed my car." or "i just got new tires."