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Originally Posted by Gladius View Post
If you are using the piggyback fuse in the glove box, where are you routing the wire up to the headliner? I'm guessing on the windshield-side of the A-pillar, but where do you take the wire out of the fuse block?

E.g. on the left side (between a pillar and windshield) in this photo:

Do you take it out along the bottom of the glove box in this image and then jam it between the fuzzy part of the weatherstripping and the console in this image? or do you somehow route it up out of the glovebox to the top of the console and avoid this part of the car entirely?
I've done the vampire-clip attachment on my other cars, but my dealer made it clear that if anything went wrong the the electronics, that the warranty would not cover any repairs. I asked them to install it, but they wanted $375, and said that it would still invalidate any warranty claims on electronics. So i used the add-a-fuse technique that everyone has described (got it at Advance Auto Parts).

I just wanted to contribute this little hint: Go find a trim tool set on the internet. I bought one for my NSX and Gallardo so I could remove interior garnishes and such. The first photo shows the tools.

You can use the tools to gently pry up the headliner, a-pillar, weatherstrip, and the power cable (aka telephone cable) slips right in. You don't need to unscrew or remove or alter anything.

Behind the glove compartment, there is a small gap on the left side bottom just in front of the fuse box. Just push the cable up from the bottom, and feel for it with your other hand.

The rest of the install (i.e. finding a ground, which fuse to use, crimping vs. soldering) has been described by other members, so I'll skip that part here.

Hope that helps!


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