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Exclamation Give BMW Customer Service a hard time...

Originally Posted by mmmelbourne View Post
My reason for being disappointed at BMW was that they say that brakes(rotors/pads) are covered by their $0 maintenance program. If the car is used competitively, it is excluded. I don't expect them to pay for my tires, etc.

I was NOT racing or competing. A M car should be able to handle 20 mins of track time. BMW should either pay for it or exclude it from their M line. But they will not, it looks so good in advertising!

My Porsche handles the same track for 40+ min at a time (I am tired and have to go in before the brakes fade.) If I cook the brakes, I would not even complain to Porsche-they do not cover wear and tear items...

As to why not spend $ on a big brake kit...this is going to be my last BMW. I have not dealt with more arrogant and poorly managed dealers other than at MB. After 6+ BMWs in the last 10 years, I am done.
Mmmelbourne -

I can completely sympathize with your situation. I would let BWM-US Customer Service know of your history (and loyalty) to BMW and your current stance on never returning to the brand.

Dealers a a bunch of shmucks! It's BMW Corporate you have to get to. Ask them to open a file - stress false advertising (daily driver that can be on the track one minute then off to the grocery store the next).

I had a lemon of a BMW a number of years back. I couldn't get anywhere with the dealership(s) - two of them. However, when I called BMW Corporate and filed a formal complaint, I interestingly enough started to get attention.

After the regional rep had to kick it up to the national specialist, BMW REPLACED MY CAR! Again, this was a few years ago, but BMW Corporate is the way to go.

Good Luck!