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ya, I agree. I think back when I had a '04 Saab 93 Aero turbo. Changed the mufflers to borla, it sounded better, and maybe a % or 2 better on the exelleration because their less restrictive and being a turbo I guess, they definitly needed a less restrictive muffler. Either than that, it was more of a sound issue and not hp gain or loss. At least my butt dyno didn't really feel a huge difference, definitaly not a loss in power. Although I'll tell you that the ver next day after the install, the ECU of the 93 went into a "reduced power" mode for a while with no engine check-lights. I called the dealer, over the phone they could not suggest any issues. Then after shut down, and restart later, it worked fine and has been ever since as a girl friend of mine now ownes it and no problems since the install. I wonder if the ECU was re-learning the exhaust pressure for a few miles and then was reset with the new perameters??