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These cars are road cars in the end, and yes, it's up to you to invest money if tracking them hard - brakes, tires, etc. All I was saying is that the M3's stock brakes are a lot more inadequate for repeated hard braking/track use than any stock Porsche I've driven at the track. Stock for stock is my point. And this was part of the OP's point as well. Weight is not the point here. You design brakes for the car accordingly. BMW simply chose not to, yet advertises the car differently. I guess if you track it for 3 laps max at slow speeds and then sit 60 minutes for the brakes to cool... It's not rocket science to put in larger stock pads... It's a *decision* not to. Again, stock for stock, Porsche brakes are a lot better and fade nowhere near as fast with stock pads. What you do afterward is up to you, but that's off topic. If you drive the car at the track just on occasion, then maybe you don't need anything more than a change in fluid. Maybe better pads. Maybe even rotors. It all depends on how hard and often you track it. They are road cars as you say after all. But that's off topic as I said earlier.

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If Porsche had such a bulletproof brake system,how come I was changing front rotors every 3-4 track days because of cracking due to heat.The real issue here that if you are going to play on the track,you must pay regardless of what car you are using.
The other factor here is that my 996 had only 300 bhp and weighed 3200lbs and had brake "issues" even though it was much slower in a straight line than the M.A heavy car will go through many more consumables
on track than a lighter car.I had a race car that we pulled 400lbs out of due to rule changes and difference in component life was quite remarkable,not to mention the decrease in lap times.
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Not sure about that. Porsche uses larger pads and they cool better due to size. The M3 comes with tiny crappy pads (crappy for repeated brake use like at the track), and replacing them is a step in the right direction, but they will still be tiny and take a while to cool. If the M3 had a great brake cooling system you could maybe get away with such small pads, but it doesn't. So IMO the M3 needs larger calipers in order to hold larger pads in order to cool better. This is the real world. Porsche got it right, BMW didn't on the M3. Yes, track pads will improve, but they will still not be that great due to small size.

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