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So after using my uncles D80 the whole night last night, i was thinking...shoot, the grip feels nice, the buttons are easy to use and the one big difference that i saw that wasnt on the d40..the TOP LCD. why dont i find a used D80 instead? i know the d40/x uses the rear LCD to change settings etc but that top lcd was pretty cool for me. there are other small features of the D80 thats not found in the d40 but i wont get into detail.

i mean seriously, finding a d40/x body new or used is hard to find (for me) its usually packaged with the 18-55 and or 55-200 lens which i wont use. a used d40 bundle is around $370-400, a new one is around $420.

a d80 body only,used, i see around $450-500 on craigslist. so its really whatever good deal i find first =P