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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
This complete post by the OP is a complete joke as the fix is quite simple and readily available.It called track padsWe know that once equipped and with proper fluid the brakes are quite good on track.You cannot expect a high powered sedan that has meet all the DOT brake standard requirements and still work properly when used hard at the track.Even Porsches need the pad change to work well on track as I discovered with my 99 996 coupe.Please get in touch with the real world when you are out beating on your car.
Not sure about that. Porsche uses larger pads and they cool better due to size. The M3 comes with tiny crappy pads (crappy for repeated brake use like at the track), and replacing them is a step in the right direction, but they will still be tiny and take a while to cool. If the M3 had a great brake cooling system you could maybe get away with such small pads, but it doesn't. So IMO the M3 needs larger calipers in order to hold larger pads in order to cool better. This is the real world. Porsche got it right, BMW didn't on the M3. Yes, track pads will improve, but they will still not be that great due to small size.