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Back in the day there was all kind of car clubs around the 7 cities. It really depended on what kind of club you was trying to get into too. I just returned from a 4 1/2 year trip from Germany a few days ago, and I am not seeing very much, actually I haven't seen anything around. It isn't like it was several years ago, but it is also winter time. Car clubs hit all time lows in the winter. People do end up doing there own thing in the winter time. Just to cold to show off I guess. I know from experience a couple mods here and there and they will find you. It was like that for me when I lived in VA Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, even in Germany (which by far was one of the best car clubs I have been a part of). You can also try and start your own if nothing pops up. I would join if I wasn't just staying for the winter.

Just wondering also how many M3's you seen around on the roads. I am picking mine up from Baltimore around the 9th-12th, and I have only been here since the 23rd I haven't seen one yet, and I have been driving all over the place (on this side of the tunnels anyway). BTW I am in Chesapeake! Don't get me wrong I don't mind not seeing any. I was use to seeing at least 3 a day not including mine just at work. One day I had seen atleast 15 if not more just at the N'ring, in Germany.
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