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Originally Posted by Mickb View Post
I'm sorry but that is still totally ridiculous. You said you went out for 20-30 minutes at a time. How much time in total in the day did your car spend on the track? A couple of hours?

How long did you cool down between sessions?

Did you drive the car after the pads were cooked? If as you say the pads were melted (and brake pads do wear down you know) and you drove and braked with ineffective pads then the rotor damage (and I'm not convinced there is any, see stoptech article above) is your problem.

To be honest I'm not sure why I'm even bothering you with trying to diagnose a cause here.

Track use whether competing or not is not normal use by any dimwits stretch of the imagination, and if you can't see the potential for abuse there then theres no point continuing the discussion.

Can you at least answer me this? Lets say you did even one track day per week. One hard track day can easily fry a set of road pads. Would you expect BMW to give you 52 sets of pads and a good few sets of rotors free a year under your maintenance deal?

You clearly want something for nothing. You went out on track with ROAD pads and are just pissed that you stupidly told your SA that you had tracked the car, thus preventing you from scamming them out of an expense that clearly should be your own.
Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
This complete post by the OP is a complete joke as the fix is quite simple and readily available.It called track padsWe know that once equipped and with proper fluid the brakes are quite good on track.You cannot expect a high powered sedan that has meet all the DOT brake standard requirements and still work properly when used hard at the track.Even Porsches need the pad change to work well on track as I discovered with my 99 996 coupe.Please get in touch with the real world when you are out beating on your car.

dang! we see some real common sense coming through here. thank you!