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Originally Posted by LaYzEe View Post
Didnt wanna start another thread so i'll just continue this. Im about this close on buying my new camera gear:

Nikon D40
18-200mm VR
Nikon SB-400 AF
Opteka Battery Pack Grip
You are off to a perfect start. Just some thoughts..

-Why not the d40x?
-18-200vr is great, you're right; it is a do it all lens, except in low light sans flash. Note that the on-camera flash is not compatible with the lens - you'll get a darker halo at the bottom of your picture where the body of the lens has blocked the flash path.
-I owned the sb400 and returned it for the sb800. It is a EXCELLENT little flash, but only useful for medium to small sized rooms indoors. It will not help you outdoors, and at something like a wedding, it will be near useless. If you still want to get it, there is a great little trick to diffuse the flash and it works great. Get a white film canister (the ones that are not totally opaque) and then cut the flat end off, and then cut a slice down the length. You'll have a great little "C"-shaped extrusion that clamps itself over the flash head. It really does work great. Since you do have access to a sb600, that should do the trick. The sb800 is not stronger than the 600, and only lacks multiflash capability. IMO the sb600 worth the $100 more over the 400.
-You really wont need the grip. Even with the 18-200vr the weighting is not bad at all - quite balanced. I'd recommend putting the money into a 8gb SDHC (kingston) card or the larger flash. Buy only one extra nikon battery. The batteries last FOREVER in these cameras. I can shoot a thousand pictures on one battery. Honestly, even buying a second battery is overkill - they're that good.
-If you dont mind a slightly smaller SD card, take a serious look at the EYE-Fi cards. The wifi thing on there is awesome. I just get back after shooting, turn my camera on, and a little while later my pictures have been sent to a pre-set directory on my hard drive. Its really slick. I think they make 4gb ones now, although I'm not sure. Do a google search for their website.

Good luck, you're going to love it! The pics it takes makes you look like a pro. Try starting out on aperture mode. I think it takes nicer pics than AUTO and its not hard to learn.