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Originally Posted by footie View Post
^ +1.

I don't think there is a right or wrong choice to be had with either. From a personal note I feel (after sampling the M3 in icy road conditions with summer tyres) that the RS4 is the better daily drive and wins this hands down. I can't answer how an M3 is with either proper winter tyres or chains in more extreme conditions but on more normal slippier surfaces were changing to winter rubber would be over kill the Quattro system with the RS4 is superior.

Build quality is harder to gauge because unless things go wrong you can't really aswer that question, I think after owning both Audi and BMW that the Audi's switch gear gives the feel of being better and it's interior design looks the more exciting though some may find it fussy.

There is little doubt that when really going for it the M3 does show it's metal and is the more exciting to drive but at less than 80% or even 90% the Audi might edge it on overall appeal. The RS4 is rarer but it's almost the older model and for that reason alone I went for the M3, but then again I was buying new.
well said.
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