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me too,,,

yup i did the same coming from my moms house and heading back to chicago! damnit it sucked! as soon as i hit it, i knew the tire was gone and to confirm that and i let go of the steering wheel and the car pulled to the left The story continues----> Being a new m3 owner (6 days new) and always having a Honda product! I pulled into the gas station to check my wheel/tire. No *damage* to the wheel but the tire was blown. I went into the trunk to get the "spare", opened the flap and was greeted by an air box. I was like WTF is this.... Thinking maybe its under this airbox I continued to search for my spare. Kept looking for some button that may open a compartment like if i had the batmobile LOL I grabbed my manuel and started to seach for "spare tire"...nothing.. WTF WTF,,, I called road side and asked the agent, where is my spare tire? She replied, your car doesnt have a spare..... HAHAH its only 5 below zero and Im only 60 miles from Chicago...... So yeah, that was my intro to the BIMMER world.... Car was towed back to chicago and 3 days later, they told me I needed a new rim as well bent the inside of the wheel! Thank GOD I have wheel protection!

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