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Didnt wanna start another thread so i'll just continue this. Im about this close on buying my new camera gear:

Nikon D40
18-200mm VR
Nikon SB-400 AF
Opteka Battery Pack Grip

It was either the D40, D70 or D80 but im not rich so it was always pointing to the D40, used or new. lol

The 18-200mm VR will be the ONLY lens i'll ever need imho. It has a motor thats not in the d40 (Another reason why the D40 is good enough) Pricey but hey, it's all there

Decided to get the SB-400 and not the 600 becuase the 400 has the bounce effect that im looking for. Also my uncle has the SB-600 so i can always borrow from him

Some might say that getting a grip for the d40 defeats the purpose of the small d40. But the thing is the 18-200VR is heavy so itll make the camera feel front heavy, so having this grip will keep the center of gravity better and not strain my pinky when holding the camera for a long period of time.

Adorama and Amazon are the 2 websites that have decent prices for these. If anyone knows any special deals or cheaper websites, please share! thanks!