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Thanks for all your opinions.

The things that make the RS4 such a great DD is it's AWD and low-end torque, whereas with the BMW you really need to rev the engine to get the best out of it! However I love the look of the BMW and it's handling it amazing!

Decisions, decisions...decisions
I previously had an RS4 and can definitely agree with this statement. As a DD, the RS4 was a better car. The low-down torque curve made the car much easier to drive. The AWD was planted in the rain, and the overall build quality was better. (Interior, Exterior). The gearbox was one of the best I've driven. Very light and smooth. The RS4 also has more of a presence on the road as it was wide and pretty rare. Stock for stock the RS4 is more bang for your buck. Especially used in the mid to high 40's.

With the M3, you really have to be above 5K to really experience the car. The car feels much smaller, nimbler, and sportier in that rev range. It begs to be driven. The car revs much faster. The throttle response is also sharper. The seats in the M3 are also sportier. For me, I wanted something that was a more challenging and rewarding to drive and the M3 definitely delivers on that front. It's an overall sportier car.

I'm a big fan of aftermarket tuning and really got bored with the RS4 in that department. There's a huge lack of aftermarket companies doing stuff for Audi. If that is something you're interested in, the M3 beats it hands down. The aftermarket and the community is just so much bigger over here. As a hobby, those were really important to me. Keeps things interesting.

If deciding on fun factor M3 > RS4
If deciding on practicality RS4 > M3

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