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Originally Posted by Vise View Post
Bumping this back up to see if anyone had any luck installing on an E90 (sedan), tried to install following the instructions on the site but no luck so far. The side grilles do appear different on the E90 vs E92 so not sure if the same method will work. Any E90 owners have tips? Gonna try again tomorrow but figured it was worth a shot.
I used a chrome very smooth thin tool to pop the tabs out underneath and on the front side, trying to force it got me no where...this technique didn't damage the part or scratch the paint, but they really are a bitch to get out nonetheless. Trying to squeeze the top and bottom together got me pulling my hair out but didn't get the side grill out. The front grills are so easy in comparison...these took ten minutes max. They both look great w/AW plus my blk monobloks !!! GL