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Originally Posted by huchung View Post
It wasnt the chargers they were booing, its norv. There are websites and petitions aimed at getting Norv fired. Norv and Ted Contrell, but TC was canned earlier in the season, so just Norv. We dont agree with putting the ball in gee-whiz Rivers hand. We like the marty-ball. Give it to LT, create some openings, and let him do what he does. Hopefully, he'll get 30 carries against a small colts D.

As for Crime Time not getting his ints/being a liability? He was hurt half the season, but dont worry, he's healthy now. I sure hope Peyton throws it his way!
I stuck w/ Norv the whole time. This town is a wash when it comes to team support. He took us further than Marty (whom I like) despite not having as spectacular as a record. Even Rivers said last year they were playing much harder under Norv, because they expected to go to the playoffs in 2006.

LT has looked good the lat couple of games but I wonder if that is down to playing unspectacular teams or him getting his game back.

Anyway, we'll find out Saturday night