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The wheel lock "keys" are similar to a key for a deadbolt in that the keys are "all" different, BUT obviously, some are the same.....they can't have an infinite number of unique keys!

However, the chances of you finding a wheel lock kit with the same key as yours is close to zero, but not impossible. I doubt the dealer will let you cut open kit lock his to test the keys though.

Basically, you are screwed.

There are a couple ways to get off the locks, and none of them pretty.

One way is to beat a lug wrench or impact socket on that is slightly smaller than the lock over it....this is brute force and will destroy the locks. If you are lucky, they will not damage the wheels. This method worked on a set of cheap locks I had at one time, but I bet the BMW locks are better and harder metal that that.

The other way would be to cut two deep groves into the face of the lug and use an impact gun with a "phillips" type bit on it. Heating the lug with a torch prior to removing it will help loosen the lug as well.

I would recommend you just dump the car at the dealer and have them figure it out.

If you think it came without the "key" originally, tell them. But I doubt they are going to believe you....but it is worth a shot.

Good luck.
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