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E90 SEDAN - Side Grill Removal

It's 6AM and I cant sleep, so I went down to garage and decided to black paint my side grills. I could not find any info on removing side grill on the Sedan and the assembly seems to be different between sedan and coupe. So here goes....

The easiest way is to get a flat head screw driver and a towel then carefully jam the flat head in between the black part of the grill and the actual fendar metal, there are notches in the black part of the grill on both ends( front and back), you'll see. Just jam your screw driver in and pop it out carefully from both sides, switching between front and back...

Good Luck!

Can't wait until the stores open, so that I can get my black paint

Sorry about a shitty diagram, but i don't have photoshop on this PC