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***The Super Duper Official Cowboys vs. Eagles Thread!!!!!***

This is a huge game for the Boys! Let's see if Romo can handle the pressure this time because we all know he has choked it up in the past. If the Cowboys win, they are in. If the Eagles win, they will need some help. I really doubt the latter will happen anyway. Let's just hope the cowboys don't give up 2 consecutive runs equaling 150 yds like they did to lose the last game! I am rooting for the Cowboys because I think they could do well in the playoffs. (I don't want the Colts to have to face the Giant in the SuperBowl!)

Well, now it is prediction time......Who do you like? I think Dallas will come out victorious and Playon will come home crying while Blake and Addy will rejoice!

What do you guys think?

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