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Originally Posted by sharp1183
Hey, you make a very valid point. Now we know dinosaurs existed like 3 million years ago, and man (the human we know) has probably been around for longer than 7,000, and yet, Genesis says there were only 6 days in creation. When were the dinosaurs created?

In scientific terms, the world has probably been destroyed about three times...before dinosaurs, killing micobiology, then another time killing the dinosaurs, and I think some believe there was a catastrophic incident that happen after the dinosaurs (but I could be wrong). Anyway, Genesis doens't explain any of this at all. And maybe for the ancient Hebrews, the book of Genesis was enough. But it isn't enough for us--not anymore.

We're on a mission to seek the truth, and unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever know anything for sure.

What do you take literally and what do you say is just a teaching example? I think Christianity has tried to answer some of the outdated ancient Hebrew practices, but for everything it solves, it opens up twice as many questions. I don't know the truth, and I don't say that I do. I just put faith in a higher power, and decide for myself what to take literally, and what is--pardon my french-- .
hey, I'm glad that we can be having this pretty grown-up discussion about something as touchy as religion. Although, I do have to say that we've steered off course now, heh.

I'm glad that you can see the differences between what the Bible says and what science tells us. I'm more inclinced to believe scientific things, I always have been, but I'm open to non-scientific things, too. Things are never absolutely one way or another, really. We probably won't ever know the absolute truth, I agree. Religious teachings, imo, are meant to be general guidelines for how to live a decent life, or how to have lived decently back then. I think what's most problematic, though, are the people who take religion, regardless of whatever it may be, far too literally and fanatically. Extremism with anything is not necessarily the best thing. Unfortunately, such is the nature of these things generally.

OKAY! Back to the initial topic...
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