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Anybody have extra revs with DCT ECU mod?

With most chiptuning you get extra revs with the MT.
From 8300 to 8600.

My tuner (here in Europe) tells me it's not yet possible to get extra revs for DCT.

We uploaded the some MT ecu 'parts' in my ecu and all hell broke lose!
Stalling, delayed shifting error on the dispay loss of power, safemode...ect.

It's caused by the software of the DCT giving error because the revs are to high..

Right now I have a sickass program in my ECU from BMW Motorsport...max revs 8300

I WAT MY 300 EXTRA REVS!!!!!!!!!..(or more) Any tuners out there who have done it for DCT?
Then I can give my arrogant tuner hell and make him work on it!