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Originally Posted by Flea7 View Post
What is attactive about the D90 is that it is the first DSLR to capture video in HD.
You shouldn't base your decision on the camera's ability to capture video.. IMO recording video on a slr is no good. This is why I got the 40D instead of the 50D, no major changes and also the video quality was kinda horrid. I can't say for the D90 since I never gave it a chance. I know a few friends with the D80 and its a fantastic camera, well built. The camera itself feels more rugged in some places compared to my 40D.

As for the Sony A series, they are also pretty good, but I don't like how the LCD pops out, its very prone to breaking in the long-run. Also the image stabilization is inside the camera body.. This can be both good and bad, good because the lenses for this camera would be cheaper since the image stabilization is integrated into the body, but also very very very bad if it were to break, you would basically be looking at getting another camera.

I say that you stick with either the D80 or an 40D, but that clearly up to you, if you think you are going to really use the video feature, then go for either the D90 or 50D. Happy camera shopping! Let me know which one you decided to go with