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Problem with afe filter and possible solution.

I just installed my afe oiled filter:

The problem with the filter is that the whole side where the tension knob pushes into the filter is soft (compared to the hard plastic on the oem filter). This seems to create a loose connection under pressure. Many have noticed rattling etc. Someone on this forum noted how easily the filter peels away from the intake manifold side. This is not true of the oem filter.

To rectify this problem, I cut out part of the oem filter plastic and placed it between the spring and the afe filter. This also creates a larger surface area under tension from the spring.

Part where the filter easily peels off....

OEM Piece cut out....

Installed in car:

Does the intake cover go OVER the rubber tube? Can anyone check for me please??? I left it like this for now.

Closed it up, took it for a drive and it is as quiet as a mouse (except for the sucking sound)