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Racying Dynamics
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Originally Posted by Ron************ View Post
RD is great choice it sounds mean.

Have you been in an Eisenmann? I've been in both - and the drone is louder with the Eisenmann acutally it was pretty annoying on the freeway. The remus drones a bit but no where near as much. Eisenmann builds a great product and I like their stuff, on the E46 M3 it made me many times.

The AA system is very agressive well made. They really hit the right tone there.

No offense to Borla or to anyone who has it. Have you heard it? Recently saw one and made me cringe. It makes an M3 sound like a mustang. They missed the mark on this one, they know how to build products but they really missed it, and made the M3 sound like an american V8. So if you want to go that way I guess you could.
No never heard any other exhaust but the Remus Sport and Race. Good to hear that they donīt drone as much as some other exhaust systems.