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Originally Posted by msile View Post
The hardest part was getting all the screws off the air box. I purchased the afe oiled filter. The fitment was perfect. It is quite snug in there, yet when I took it for a drive, under full throttle, it sounds loose. There is definitely a nice growl as well under WOT. Next.....the AFE scoops.

Do you mean the filter sounds loose as in loose fit when WOT? As if something is loose? Please explain? I'm interested in getting this filter as well. How's the seat-dyno feel also?
I think that the sound can be described as a flutter. I am quite anal about things, so I opened it up again and checked the fitment but it is snug in there with no gaps. Some people have experienced a rattle which I do not have. The throttle response seems better. I am not able to detect any power gain. The ecu will also have to adapt.