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yep... 17-85mm and the 100-300mm are the 2 best lenses to take. Bring a well padded hip bag to stow everything in if you want to take it on the slopes. Bring extra batteries and those disposable hand warmers to help keep batts warm (expect batt life to be about 50% of normal)

Be prepared for lens fogging if you go from really warm to really cold (like at lunch time)

Best thing you need to bring is a circular polarizing filter or 2, it will really help with the snow and getting texture. Also under expose your images about 2/3 to 1 stop (you can set your meter down -2/3 or -1. Having lens hoods will help. And if your body and or lens start acting up, stick them in your jacket close to your body for 10 min and that will warm everything up and probably get things working again...

Have Fun...