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Originally Posted by BimmerRob08 View Post
LOL!! You would think BMW engineers looked into this and everyone wants to add flapper valves, block off an engineered air-intake vent. For real fella's. The water you see comming out is water that has built up arond the kidney hole and is pushed out of the hole due to airflow over the hood and air that is comming through the airbox pushing that water from around the rim out.
Guy, I'm considering adding a flapper valve to make the ram-air effect greater...has nothing to do with the water. The water droplets are just a result of high pressure air from the airbox "leaking" out at speed. The flapper would allow a build-up of pressure up to the point where the motor needed more air than available from the two front inlets...then it would 'flap' open and allow the engine to breathe freely. Most seem to think that the airflow through the box, as OEM supplied, is to keep the airbox cool and allow another inlet for high rpm/high load...but it doesn't do a good job at allowing a true 'ram-effect'. The difference?...who knows.
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