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Originally Posted by eagletangogreen View Post
If a nissan tranny can take over 800hp I am sure a bMW tans cant take 600hp all day long!
Originally Posted by BaLLzZz View Post
Wow thats crazy. The 6mt/dct shouldn't have a problem with this power unless its more then 575hp i would say that being closer to a DD limit. Alot of spin. Great work fellas.

Transmissions are rated by their torque capacity, not horsepower. Given the M3 only currently puts out 295 ft-lbs with 414hp, even if it puts out 600hp then thats 375 ft-lbs with max torque probably being 410 ft-lbs. I would bet that the both trannies could manage that.

In comparison thats less ft-lbs than the MB C63 (442), Corvette (470), and current Audi RS6 (479).