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Originally Posted by Viracocha View Post
On extra bit of info:

My dealership is saying that the cost will be 787.80 per tire/wheel, so the entire winter package will cost 3151.20. This is much more expensive than the post at the top of this thread suggests. Does anyone know if this is a fare deal or if there is some better way to do this?
Which wheels was that quote for? Either way, I would not buy from the dealership because they tend to have high prices on everything.

Tires are pretty much going to be around $200-$300 each, depending on brand and size. You might still be able to get some good deals on Tire Rack close outs. Sometimes you find a great deal - we got a full set for the 335i at about $700 installed last year.

If you want to keep the stock sizes, but don't want to buy a brand new set of stock wheels, check out the buy/sell forum on this site for low mileage take offs. Or, call up tire rack (or look at the website) and find out about getting some cheap aftermarket wheels in stock wheel sizes.
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