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Originally Posted by Viracocha View Post
1) Why would replacing the tires every season run the risk of damaging them and the rims?
Because every time they are removed/installed, the risk of the wheels being scratched by the machine or by a careless technician is there. Also, the rubber could fatigue after multiple times of being stretched and pulled over the tire.

2) Is it preferable to get winter stock wheels that aren't as wide as my current ones, and that aren't 19'' - in other words, will I see a major difference in stability and safety on the road with such tires?
Common wisdom says to get the smallest diameter winter wheel you can fit, because it will offer the most sidewall and thus better cushion from potholes and other winter hazards. In addition common wisdom says that a narrow tire will do better in the winter because the tire will be more likely to cut through the snow than a wider tire instead of plowing through it.

For these reasons, BMW recommends 235/40 R18 all around in the winter, and offers an (expensive) package with those specs. 18" are the smallest wheel that will fit on an M3, BTW, due to brake clearance. That said, pretty much any winter tire setup will offer better performance than any summer tire setup. I get great results running a staggered setup in stock tires sizes on stock 18s in the winter. I use this on both the M3 and 335, and had it on the E46 M3 before that. Never a problem. You'd probably be just as good off with winter tires on the stock 19s too if you prefer. After all, an M3 on stock 19s offers more side wall than a 335i on stock 18s, due to the difference in rolling diameter designed into the cars from the factory. And, in addition, as I had mentioned in another post above, by keeping with the factory tire sizes you have the benefit of stock tire width for maximum traction when the roads are not snowy and you want to wring the car out a little bit.
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