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Originally Posted by Viracocha View Post
I bought my M3 this summer. My tires are Michelin 265/35 ZR 19'' back and 245/35 ZR 19'' front.


Are there good winter tires available for such wheels?
A few people here have mentioned that they are running Blizzaks on the factory 19s. Not sure if the rears are 265 or 255 or what though. Dunlops might come in 19" also but again, maybe not in 265 width.

BMW is advertising their new "winter set," which comes with new wheels. Is this much more expensive then just getting the tires replaced

Yes, getting a second set of wheels will definitely be a lot more expensive. But I'd still recommend doing so since you don't really want to be paying to remount and balance the same tires at the start and end of every winter season. Plus, its more likely to damage the tires over time, or scratch the rims. You should be able to pick up a set of factory 18s (for an example) for $1500 or so with tires. Then you can sell off the summer tires for $500 so and end up with $1000 wheels. Or, get some cheaper winter wheels like they offer at the tire rack.

and how much better will the car fare performance wise?
"better" than what? Do you mean, "How much better will it perform in the snow with the BMW recommended winter tire setup than if you just put winter tires on the stock wheels?"? Or do you mean, "How much better will it peform in the snow with any winter tires vs. the stock summer tires?"? If the latter, it will be much, much better. If the former, well its hard to say. I run winter tires in stock tire sizes and its great in the snow. Would it be better with 235s or 245s all around? Probably but I doubt it will be a dramatic improvement.
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