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Originally Posted by pmeloche View Post
Who cares about Tony Romo and the Cowboys?

Go Patriots.
don't be homo. your team doesn't win without cheating ( they have real football in canadia?). RE: superbowl last year. 16-0 ***lost superbowl. ***cheated their other superbowl wins. no respect for those brokeback idiots. kthxbye.

Originally Posted by addy85 View Post
all I can say bro is that playoff spots are earned. If the eagles win next week then in my eyes they have earned a playoff spot. Cudos to them and their fans for sticking it out through some of the bs that happened this season.
+1. tru cowboys fan longer think romo is the answer. romo played like a total retard. cowboys don't deserve to be in the playoffs. wade phillips is a joke. jason garrett is a total waste of money. terrell owens is a whiny bitch that doesn't do what he claims. and lastly, for the cowboys to win with this roster, humility needs to show up, because these assholes are wayyy too full of themselves. i said it, you'll never hear it again. /end drunken rant