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Originally Posted by RPIpower View Post
Our M3 scoops are $99. As for the exhaust, we will most likely offer 2 different setups. The ST setup would include just the rear muffler section (around $1200-1400). The GT set up would be a more aggressive exhaust which includes the delete of the cats.

Its really not that beneficial other than telling someone you have a "titanium" exhaust. Aside from getting things overseas, working with the material is VERY expensive. All our products are made here in the states so the benefits vs. cost is really not there. For example our full exhaust system for the M5 weighs 59lbs compared to the stock 122lbs.
Are these the newest version onf the scoops designed specifically for he M3 and if so are they that much better than the red ones released a couple months ago for the 335/m3 that were on sale b/c they were slightly bent.
Thanks looking to order ASAP