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Originally Posted by chris s View Post
i agree with everything posted here....i would NEVER give Westchester BMW my business. They're a bunch of pompous asses. They had an IB 08 leftover a few months ago on their lot listed at 72 and change. I called about it and asked if they would deal it closer to invoice. He basically laughed at me on the phone and said we do NOT discount M cars....ever.

2 days later....yes 2 days...i was driving by and stopped there to see it out of curiosity....they had a big orange sticker on it....$63.9. Boy was it fun to call there and basically tell him he lost my business because of his remarks two days prior. He was so

That said...i've come across one of the BEST salesman I've ever met recently at PACE BMW. His name is Ron Holmes. I can't say enough about him and his professionalism while i dealt with him. Please give him a shot. He promised me an 09 and Invoice plus $1500....and I'm sure you can do a bit better. Tell him Chris referred you. I can make a call if you want as well.
HHAAhh yup the big orange sticker at 63 and change they sold it a day before i was going to get it. Doesn't bother me though. They still have a few m5s laying around 08s i really do hate them though!
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