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Originally Posted by rawedge2 View Post
Congrats with the car.. i came from an STi too..

as for the noise, first understand the M is very noisy.. I thought comming from the STi the BMW was going to be silent but that isnt the case..

the car makes a change in sound with the clutch engaged/not in neutral.. as well as plays a melody of sounds while warming up.. and even at a warm idle it sounds very "mechanical" if you will..

no differential sounds like the sti, but it is noisy!

All The M's have that raspy sound and their idles are going to sound different accordingly.. as the e46 m3 sounded "different" than other cars at its idle too..
Thanks for the warm welcome

After the STI, thought exactly the same, thought that i have already driven the noisy car, but as far i get closer acquainted, a do change my mind. Luckily am not against noises (got used to them), just want to know where are they from.

Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
This noise you're hearing has been discussed extensively on various threads, and it's normal. Nothing to worry. It's the characteristics of the 6MT. It's no way falling apart. These are the noises associated with owning a true motorsport car. Welcome to the ///M world. These noises and the car adds up to a sheer driving pleasure! Enjoy your car.
At first i was only wondering about the one-time sound of engaging/disangaging the cluch, and thats why didnt pay attention to other threads conserning "constant MT noise", so probably just have missed the answer for my question)

Consernig "true motorsport car", i belive you exaggerated a bit) As for now, a consider Impreza STI more sporty, though i will be very pleased to change my mind. For now, M3 seems to me more like luxurious, fast coupe then all-around sporty car like STI. Time will set its priority)

Thank you for your answers!