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Originally Posted by berniec View Post
not really, with a lawyer you probably would have walked away with no points. The deal you got still is a moving violation on your record and points which may lead to an insurance increase. At the end of the day it's just deciding who you want to give your money to (the state, the insurance company, or a lawyer).
I've called more than 5 lawyers and none of them said they could reduce the violation down to no points/non-moving violation. Most of them said they may get it down to 2 points for a "disobeying traffic signal".

Plus, all of them basically asked me to pay them, and none of them would guarantee any reduction at all, which means I have no leverage what-so-ever. So why would I give money to a stranger and hope that they may do something for me in return?

Remember, this is originally a 91 in 65 six-point violation.