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Well, I'm not an owner of a BMW. I couldn't afford one, but I am a fan of the BMW M3 series.

I play Forza Motorsport 2 on XBox Live. I'm also a huge fan of MotoGP. My wife and I went to the Inaugural Race at Indianapolis this September to watch them. While we were there, my wife fell in love with the E92 that was being used as a "Safety Car". So, being the gamer that I am and the MotoGP fan that I am, I decided to do a paint job of the car in Forza. I've been looking for good images of the E92 Pace Car but so far the only one I've found is here. From that image here's what I've been able to produce.

Unfortunately, you can't put light bars on the cars, or put any vinyls on the windows in the game, but here's the rough draft I've gotten so far. Any help finding more images would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't found any good views of the side or rear of the vehicle, so if you can provide me with any, I would appreciate it, as I'm doing my very best to produce the most realistic results possible. Thanks in advance.