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Originally Posted by danniexi View Post
DAMN, I thought the tuning wars were bad. Gaming fanboys are worse than evar....'s my opinion. I am a PS3 owner btw:

When it comes to GAMING in general, the XBox 360 wins hands down. It has a vast library of titles, and it's online gaming is top notch. Yes, the PS3 service is free, but I haven't had good experiences with it. If you want a GAME CONSOLE, which we are talking about here, get the XBOX.

When it comes to a Home Theater Media system, I think the PS3 wins. It plays Blu-ray movies (and yes, I buy them and collect them... around 40 and counting). DVDs suck now in terms of picture and sound quality. I donít care if you have upscaling (the PS3 does this too), BD is the superior format now. The media sharing in the PS3 is quick and seamless as well, and with the extra USB slots, an external hard drive can easily be used to expand the machines memory for movies, music, pictures, etc.

TBH, Iím not that much into gaming (I have a few like Gran Turismo Prologue, Resistance 1 + 2). They are fun, yes, but I find myself using it more for media (downloaded content, BD movies). As for the OP, if you want gaming, I HIGHLY suggest you go for the Xbox. If not, then get a PS3.
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