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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
yeah, im about to cry at how much of a monumental jackass you are. as far as me believing everything i read; how the fuck can you claim that the PS3 "has been known as the best blue ray player for quite sometime now"? have you used every blu-ray player in the world? chances are that youre basing that statement off a review or article you read. my precious xbox? really now? you make it sound as if i condemn the PS3 as a shit machine. however, if you actually read the thread like a good little boy, youll notice i actual compliment it.
I am basing that off multiple articles and reviews. Not just one. If you are saying you don't think it has been the best blueray player until this point, you have obviously been living under a rock.

I did read the thread and saw you realize there are pros and cons to each system which is obviously the case. My original post was not to put down the 360. For the money, it's a great buy. I was calling out phantom on his outlandish 'factual' claims.