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here is a quality comparison, and still working on that source for the statistics...

For those that say PS3 looks better than the are the FACTS

You'll notice in the fallout screenshots, the 360 has reflections of the bridge...most of the 360 shots look much crisper DESPITE the fact that the PS3 has the Nvidia 7800 GX2 chip inside of it. ATi just came out through these comparisons...
Soul CaliburIV shows the PS3 with more contrast, but no particles...
Deadspace shows the PS3, again, with more contrast, subtle objects not seen..but it may be the game
Star Wars: force unleashed again shows the fuzziness of the reflections...generally looks much softer, less detailed ground..
madden09 I prefer the PS3 well as the MK vs DC universe(high contrast looks better in this game)...
you can make the rest of the observations, just pointing out what I saw...

I'm a big fan of Nvidia and have gone through most if not all of their chipsets (except the 9-series...heap of crap) and they haven't let me down, so when I saw the comparison I was surprised. Again, looks are subjective but this is an objective comparison, so make your choice...