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Originally Posted by BMdblU View Post
You sound like you're about to cry .. does calling me a moron make you feel better about yourself and your precious xbox?

Yea I made a mistake saying it was a monthly fee, I knew it was annually.. dunno why I said that it was monthly. Regardless, there is a fee. His "facts" sound a lot more outlandish then the mistake I made saying it was a monthly fee. He pulled some numbers out of his ass. PS3 has also been known as the best blue ray player for quite sometime now.

Big deal, you found ONE article saying it is not the best blue ray player.. you believe everything you read? Even if the Panasonic player is superior, it probably costs $400 alone ( Going to find the exact price and call me a moron now? ) As for the PS3 falling further behind in the blueray department, well that's what happens with ALL technology and you can't escape it. Your points are moot.
yeah, im about to cry at how much of a monumental jackass you are. as far as me believing everything i read; how the fuck can you claim that the PS3 "has been known as the best blue ray player for quite sometime now"? have you used every blu-ray player in the world? chances are that youre basing that statement off a review or article you read. my precious xbox? really now? you make it sound as if i condemn the PS3 as a shit machine. however, if you actually read the thread like a good little boy, youll notice i actual compliment it.

Originally Posted by SiNiStErE92 View Post
I actually have a 360 core right now . I got it when they first came out but i have a freind who will buy it for 200 with my games , remotes, etc. But the way i calculated it out is if i ended up buying a hardrive , wireless G router , then xbox live . It would end up costing me more money then the ps3. As for the games id get the same 3 on both systems lol . So thats my real dilemma at hand . Any more words of encouragement?
from your original post, its apparent that online is the primary feature you want. heres an important question: which console do most of your friends or people youre hoping to play with, own? it wouldnt make sense to buy either console - then be stuck playing with randoms. personally, since the new xbox experience came out a month or so ago, i find xbox live to be far more rewarding than playstation network. the online interface is so great, especially if you have a good amount of friends on. its hard to argue that any online is better than that of xbox live. im not being biased, either. im just stating what i think after using both online networks.