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well initially when i got the car the temp was hovering around the 40 mark
so i thought maybe its too cold for them
but the last week we had several days in the 50s
and one day 60 degrees with rain
all 3 days the back would slip way too easily
i am comparing with my old crossfire that had conti all seasons and my Audi A5 that dunlop had summer tires
neither of those had any slip in the back wheels unless i was intentionally giving tons of power to make it slip
with the M3 whenever i am at a light and about to make a left or right turn
with the power button turned off
the back wheels slip
way too easily

it's either the tires are not good
or i think the back tires are not wide enough for the power
the crossfire had 215hp with 285 tires
the A5 had 265 hp with 255 tires
so 265 on the M3 with 414hp seems to be too narrow
anyway i will try them again in summer
but i am always worried when i am cornering fast, that the car will just let go
i never had that sensation in either of the other 2 cars