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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
dont bash him on his facts when you dont even have yours straight, moron. xbox live isnt a monthly service. its roughly $50 a year for gold membership.

you must have some stupid friends if they bought a PS3 simply for the blu-ray player. if what you say is true, they spent hundreds more on a PS3 when they could have bought a blu-ray player for ~$250. to shit even more on your parade, the PS3 isnt the best blu-ray player on the market. as new stand-alone players release, the PS3 will only fall farther and farther behind.
You sound like you're about to cry .. does calling me a moron make you feel better about yourself and your precious xbox?

Yea I made a mistake saying it was a monthly fee, I knew it was annually.. dunno why I said that it was monthly. Regardless, there is a fee. His "facts" sound a lot more outlandish then the mistake I made saying it was a monthly fee. He pulled some numbers out of his ass. PS3 has also been known as the best blue ray player for quite sometime now.

Big deal, you found ONE article saying it is not the best blue ray player.. you believe everything you read? Even if the Panasonic player is superior, it probably costs $400 alone ( Going to find the exact price and call me a moron now? ) As for the PS3 falling further behind in the blueray department, well that's what happens with ALL technology and you can't escape it. Your points are moot.