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Dynos and Videos

Originally Posted by daltonnnn View Post
Any way to record the sound and droning under 2k?

Also, still asking about dyno numbers.
Exhaust sound is a very subjective thing. Babaganush feels it is somewhat resonant between 1200 & 2000RPMs. Tightie, on the other hand, says there is no drone and wants it louder. I think the 6MT are going to be less likely to hear any resonance, because we tend not to lug our cars when we are contolling the shift points manually. The DCT tends to shift are very low RPMs, probably in an attempt to maximize gas mileage. I was taken for a test drive in a Mustang today with Borla's #1 selling exhaust and that thing droned like there was a tuba player in the trunk. Actually, it wasn't that bad, but I thought my description would be funny LOL. It was substantially more resonant than the E92 M3 Borla exhaust. The point is, some people are very sensitive to resonance and have no tolerance and others will think it sounds great. The Borla is VERY deep and rich sounding. Much deeper and richer IMO than the Eisenmann Race. Those same low frequencies that make an exhaust sound deep and rich might also make the exhaust sound a bit resonant at very low RPMs.

There ARE plans to dyno, but not any time soon. I can tell you that the connecting pipes are larger than stock and the mufflers are a flow-thru design, so I highly doubt you're going to find a rear section that will provide any better flow.

Regarding trying to record any low frequencies. Check out later in this video went I'm just putting around in auto DCT mode.

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