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Originally Posted by JMD0977 View Post
1)TQ increase of 9.5% is for the 3.45 not the 3.62 wich is about 14%-15%
2) If this is correct, and if the shift where done at the redline, then no, the forth gear of the 3.62 is not taller that the stock 3rd (DTCs), they are about the same(3mph difference).
3) Wider tires like Sticky mentioned, and/or you can also add a 3 disk carrier and variable ramps(30-90) to the diff.
In any case, this set up will always have significantly quicker acceleration than stock, in the street or track, always. Except in top speed race.
This is correct

3.45 might be the better option if you don't want to go from one gas station to another. One of the Engineers @ Dinan told me that the gas milage will go down dramatically with 3.62 FD . With 3.45 it's not so bad