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Originally Posted by BMdblU View Post
Yeah .. you don't sound bias ..

You sure sound ignorant though.. and yes, people buy and rent bluerays. The quality IS superior. After watching blueray dvds, I won't buy or rent a normal dvd.. prices are a bit higher, but they will come down. Just like all new technology. You get an all in one system that plays games, bluerays, browses the web, and allows you to play online without paying a monthly fee. It's the best blueray player on the market.. I know two people who bought it for the blueray alone and don't even own games. A blueray player alone will cost you at least $250. Where did you get those percentile facts from? very curious ..
dont bash him on his facts when you dont even have yours straight, moron. xbox live isnt a monthly service. its roughly $50 a year for gold membership.

you must have some stupid friends if they bought a PS3 simply for the blu-ray player. if what you say is true, they spent hundreds more on a PS3 when they could have bought a blu-ray player for ~$250. to shit even more on your parade, the PS3 isnt the best blu-ray player on the market. as new stand-alone players release, the PS3 will only fall farther and farther behind.