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Originally Posted by darkphantom View Post
What games does PS3 really have besides Metal Gear Solid and Gran Turismo series?

*chirp chirp*

Who needs Blu-Ray? I mean you really BUY blu-ray DVDs?

about 23% of PS3 owners don't even know they have a Blu-ray player and only about <10% of market purchases blu-ray DVDs
Yeah .. you don't sound bias ..

You sure sound ignorant though.. and yes, people buy and rent bluerays. The quality IS superior. After watching blueray dvds, I won't buy or rent a normal dvd.. prices are a bit higher, but they will come down. Just like all new technology. You get an all in one system that plays games, bluerays, browses the web, and allows you to play online without paying a monthly fee. It's the best blueray player on the market.. I know two people who bought it for the blueray alone and don't even own games. A blueray player alone will cost you at least $250. Where did you get those percentile facts from? very curious ..