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Originally Posted by Mickb View Post

Thanks for this. I follow the exact procedure you have listed above.

The bit I have found the most fiddly though is re-inserting the pads, pins and spring plate. COuld you tell me how you do this?

i.e. do you try to reassemble all of the above while the caliper is off the rotor, or just loose fit the pads, try to re-position the calliper on the rotor, and only then insert the spring plate and pins? I have found the pressure of the spring plate makes the forward most pin kinda hard to locate while the caliper is off the rotor, and while its on I can't seem to get the pad holes to line up right.

I am sure this will be answered in the video though

Hey Mick,

Just got back into town...

My process is to insert the new pads, the first pin, then set the spring plate in place. I'll then insert the second pin as far as I can with just my hands, but I do this UNDER the tab of the spring plate, only to hold the pads in place.

After that I'll place the caliper back onto the bracket and torque it down.
THEN I finalize the position of the spring plate and re-inserting the second pin in the proper place.
It's much easier to slide the second pin in and holding down the force of the spring plate while the caliper is mounted to the car.

Here's another TIP I should have offered earlier (but forgot about) for track guys. The spring plate is NOT mandatory. It's used for noise issues such as squeal and pad "chatter", and as a second safety mechanism just incase you forget to press the pin in all the way.

When I'm at a track event I usually don't even reuse the spring plate. Without the spring plate you will have to be meticulous and make sure the pins are snug and pressed back as far as they can go. If you forget to do this the pins can back out.

Obviously with the spring plate in place the pin cannot come out on it's own. That is the second safety mechanism I was talking about. I'm sure you'll agree that WITHOUT the extra work of the spring plate this is an incredibly SIMPLE procedure. I guess I could have mentioned that sooner.

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