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Man oh man oh man. I can remember going cruising in high school and we'd fill up the tank at $0.87 a gallon. Easily it would only take about $5.00 to get us where we were going! Those were the days! That was back in 1996-1997. Now it's about $2.98 here for premium. I had a big discussion on using premium here:

Anyway, I hope my new E90 won't be obsolete by next year. At the rate gas prices are going (I know you guys in europe have it a lot worse than we do here in the states) who knows for how much longer gasoline engines will even be around! Though I doubt water-powered engines will be out anytime soon, I hope when they do come out, there'll be some kind of conversion kit for my bimmer!

If you think about it, oil companies rule the world. Without oil, the world literally wouldn't move.